The Double, 2013 (dir. Richard Ayoade)

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If you never click anything else in your whole life, click this.

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American Horror Story: Murder House

 A Summary

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Léa Seydoux for Prada Candy Florale (x)

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The Virgin Suicides (1999)

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Anonymous: five things you like about yourself?

five things oh man

  • i like the colour of my eyes
  • my hair is nice sometimes
  • i have gr8 taste in films and music
  • i have nice straight teeth cause i had braces so thats cool
  • i like to think I’m a pretty open minded and empathic person
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Anonymous: hi ur ded cool so like yeah hi


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A tour of the British Isles in accents: for those who would be tempted to mention “A British accent” and leave it at that.

…Smart to remember, too, that all these regions will have microregional variants. The Dublin accent referenced here, for example, is only one of at least five or six that I can identify, and I bet there are a lot more I’ve never heard or can’t tell from one another. Ditto for other regions in Ireland. The “Irish accent” as normally heard in US TV and film until quite recently has never been much more than an overstated, artficial “Dublin Stage” accent.

Equally, what most people in the US think of as “the British accent” beloved of movie villains everywhere is usually the so-called Received Pronunciation or RP, a kind of by-blow of the BBC’s refusal for a long time to allow its announcers to use anything but an approved version of the Home Counties “posh” accent. (This dialectic “glass wall” has finally started cracking in the last decade.)

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