You know that death is the most beautiful part of life, right? Death is beautiful because we all fear death. And fear is the most amazing emotion of all because it creates complete awareness. It brings you to now, and it makes you truly present. And when you’re truly present, that’s nirvana. That’s pure love. So death is pure love.

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why is this so hard for people to understand

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Men who can’t cook, clean, or even do their own laundry are not “cute” and “in need of a woman to care for them”. They are spoiled brats so dependent on gender roles that they never bothered to learn the minimal skills to take care of themselves.

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  • me: *owns 264 unread books*
  • me: *buys 17 new books*
  • me: *rereads harry potter*
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The color blue is often associated with depth and stability. It symbolizes trust, loyalty, honesty and heaven. This is a color of spirit and devotion. Blue can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly. However, it can also be nostalgic. It is a color that lives in the past, relating everything in the present and the future to experiences in the past.

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  • fat women: *gets shit on by peers, media, the fashion industry, products and marketing*
  • skinny women: *praised by literally everyone*
  • skinny women: *doesn't say shit while fat women are being put down*
  • Nicki: fuck skinny bitches
  • skinny women: what the FUCK what htE FUCK??? YOU ARE Nt gonna get ANYhwer by shMING ANY body type...we have to LOVE evyer,,,one!!!!1111
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Movie Poster of the Day

The Social Network, design by Tori H.


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  • Me: ah, yes. Home alone. I can do whatever I want!
  • Me: *turns TV up a couple notches*
  • Me: *watches YouTube videos without headphones*
  • Me: getting crazy up in here
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Apparently it’s not socially acceptable for a man to invite another man out just for coffee or to go out for a meal, in case it’s perceived as a date. Like it’s fine if you wanna go to the pub and drink beer and have a chat but make it non-alcoholic and suddenly you’re not straight anymore? You can go to the cinema together but ONLY if it’s an action movie. You guys can’t even just go shopping with each other. Oh masculinity, so fragile, so strange. 

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